Ryan Reynolds

Ryan ReynoldsActor Ryan Reynolds was born in Canada in 1976, in Vancouver, BC. He began acting at a young age and eventually got a spot on Canadian TV in Hillside. It later aired in the States with a new title, Fifteen.

Twenty five films later, Ryan Reynolds is a bona fide star.

The show had a successful run from 1990-1993. Some minor TV roles in Canada followed for Ryan Reynolds. The lack of quality work took a toll on him and he decided to give up acting. An actor friend talked him into heading to Los Angeles with him instead. Some car thieves stripped Reynolds’ vehicle on his very first night in town.
He drove around for a few months sans doors.

Ryan Reynolds: Comedy Roots

In 1997, Ryan Reynolds was cast in Two Guys a Girl, and a Pizza Place on ABC TV. Critics didn’t love it, but it ran for over 3 seasons.

The film Van Wilder saw Ryan Reynolds in cinemas. Reynolds starred as a party-going college student. 

After Van Wilder, Ryan Reynolds appeared in many more comedies. Ryan wore a fat suit to play a lovesick teen in the movie Just Friends. Reynolds co-starred with comedy veteran Jason Bateman in the summer of 2011’s The Change Up. Though formulaic, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman played well off of one another.

But Ryan Reynolds hasn’t just been making people laugh at the cinema lately. He has been equally good in dramatic roles and action parts as well. He was both terrifying and terrified in 2005’s Amityville Horror revival.

Smokin’ Aces was another great dramatic part, and Reynolds wowed critics in the independent movie Buried.

Ryan Reynolds: Superhero

Ryan Reynolds has had a great run in comic book movies and has several more lined up. His first comic book role was as Hannibal King in the third film in the Blade Trilogy.  Reynolds then co-starred with Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine spin-off film. 

Ryan Reynolds played Marvel’s Deadpool and will reprise the role in a spinoff film.  Green Lantern was his first headlining character and fans were excited to finally see Hal Jordan on the big screen. A Green Lantern sequel is already in development.

Yet another comic book movie starring Ryan Reynolds is on the way called RIPD with he and Jeff Bridges playing undead cops.
It’s a well known secret that he would love to play The Flash as well.

Ryan Reynolds: Cover Model

Ryan Reynolds has not only done a great job in these movies, he’s looked the part as well and has developed an action star’s body. As a result, guys worldwide have been trying to figure out Ryan Reynolds workout for years.

 People magazine chose Ryan Reynolds for its’ Sexiest Man Alive award, so it appears that all the hard work has paid off.

The tabloids have taken notice of Ryan Reynolds as he has grown more popular. He dated fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette for a long time and was briefly married to Scarlett Johansson. He has been linked to several other stars also.

With a strong crop of films in production for the next several years, Ryan Reynolds will continue to be in the public eye for the foreseeable future.

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