Ryan Reynolds Diet

For the film, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds’ regimen was changed dramatically. The workouts had to get him beefed up enough to make him look more like Deadpool, the mercenary mutant.

Nicknamed the… “Merc with a Mouth.” The character Deadpool was a wisecracking, butt kicking machine and this is what Reynolds had to bring to life. Ryan is a natural comic with an acerbic edge that part of his ability was perfect for this role.

What he did not have was the very impressive physique of Mr. Wade Winston Wilson. For the novice that is Deadpools’ given name. The comic book Character was drawn with an especially keen eye to the details of his frame and anyone hoping to pull it off had to get to work. Being an Ectomorph made this an even bigger challenge for Reynolds. His frame and metabolism is not geared toward holding massive bulk.

They producers are well aware of how fans of the genre would react to anything less than realism from this character. Marvel has some of the most vocal and critical fans in the world.

Secrets of the Ryan Reynolds Workout
Although he had worked quite hard for his role in Blade Trinity, this was a new challenge. A ripped physique was not going to cut it. Buddy Strom came in with a diet and exercise regimen that not only reduced the body fat for more muscle definition but also added bulk to his slight frame. To get the “to die for ” abs he did up to 1000 sit-ups 2-3 times a day. Then there is the fact that it is extremely hard to work those lower abdominal muscles, he had to use leg weights and a ball while doing thousands of reps of leg lifts to isolate and train this muscle group.

If you are interested in achieving similar results to those of Ryan Reynolds then here are 3 tips to follow to put on muscle mass

1. Add Heavy Weights
The more weight you lift the more muscle you add to your frame. If you are naturally skinny this in conjunction with a high protein and high carbohydrate diet will have you bulking up in short order. To get results like those of Ryan Reynolds it is always more weight less reps.

2. Do A 6 on 1off Schedule
Work one muscle group per day and this will allow you to rest that group between workouts. If you started on Monday with chest then you have enough muscle groups that you need not work that one for a couple days.

3. Abs Everyday
The abs can only be achieved by daily working them. Two or three times a day work both the entire abdominal areas. For the lower abs you will need to add weights to get the maximum benefit from the leg raises.

The Ryan Reynolds workout was a well thought out and ingenious routine that gave great results. Following it can get you there as well. it will take dedication and commitment but you can do it.

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