Ryan Reynolds Blade Trinity Workout

Ryan Reynolds Blade Trinity Workout

ryan reynolds blade trinity workoutRyan Reynolds has been in a number of films already, and despite the differences in the roles he’s played, there’s one thing you can always be sure of: he’s always in great shape. Because of this there’s an old James Bond line that pertains to him: Men want to be Ryan Reynolds, women want to be with Ryan Reynolds.

The Ryan Reynolds Blade workout is something people started talking about in 2004 when the third film in the Blade trilogy – Blade: Trinity was released. It was a breakout role for Reynolds. He managed to add a great deal of muscle to his naturally lanky frame (Reynolds has often joke that his body wants to look like Dick Van Dyke). Ryan Reynolds workout for Blade 3 got him tons of attention and made him look like a Men’s Health cover model.

Ryan Reynolds Blade Trinity workout really got him into peak conditioning. His physique helped him to land a number of other comic book/action roles including Green Lantern and Deadpool (appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the upcoming Deadpool movie).

Reynolds was already in good shape before the role, but he had to ramp things up. He had some very physical scenes, so with profession wrestler Triple H, so he needed to be at his peak.

The first component of the Ryan Reynolds workout for Blade Trinity was to gain about 20 pounds of muscle before the movie began filming. This was quite a task, considering that he wasn’t huge to begin with. He focused on weight lifting which targeted one muscle group per day. Chest one day, back the next, then shoulders, and so on.

The workouts lasted for up to 3 hours at a time and consisted of 8 to 12 reps per set.

Ryan Reynolds diet and workout were equally important. He eight 6 meals a day to help add mass. He ate lean meats and fish such as salmon, healthy carbs like oatmeal and brown rice, and fruits and vegetables. He used shakes and protein bars when he couldn’t eat a full meal, and avoided carbs at night. A proper diet helps to fuel the body in workouts like Ryan Reynolds Blade Workout.

Ryan Reynolds Blade workout

How to Duplicate the Ryan Reynolds Blade Workout Yourself

This may all seem pretty difficult, and it was. Working out for 3 hours per day and following an incredibly strict diet is tough and something that is out of the question for most people.

But, you can get in really great shape by working out as little as four times a week for about an hour a day.
There’s a great program called Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore that shows you how.
Rusty has created the first program specifically designed to get what he calls the ‘Hollywood Look’. The Hollywood Look is what stars like Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner have. Well defined muscles and great abs without looking like a massive bodybuilder.

It’s the look that women love and most guys are trying to obtain.

Rusty has the best workout I’ve found, and he has great techniques that I’ve never heard anybody talk about like ‘shrink wrapping’ your muscles.

Visual Impact is the workout I do and I love it. It can give you the type of body Ryan Reynolds achieved with the Ryan Reynolds Blade workout, and you won’t even have to pay a Hollywood trainer.

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