Ryan Reynolds Workout Diet: What are the Secrets?

Ryan Reynolds Workout Diet: What are the Secrets?

Ryan Reynolds workout dietRyan Reynolds has been known as one of the most in-shape actors in Hollywood since he spent a good deal of his on-screen time time in Blade 3 shirtless. In fact, his abs were so well-defined that a writer for one of the top fitness magazines accused him of having ab implants!

Reynolds trained extremely hard for Blade, and he’s been in fantastic shape in each film he’s been in since then. Obviously, you can’t get into that type of shape without working out. However, you also need to focus on diet if you’re going to have any success. So, that’s how the Ryan Reynolds workout and the Ryan Reynolds workout diet.

There aren’t all that many secrets to Ryan’s diet. It mainly takes dedication and eating the right things at the right time – the keys to the Ryan Reynolds diet and workout.

A Day on the Ryan Reynolds Workout Diet

Breakfast: One of the staples of Ryan’s, and many fitness experts’, diet is oatmeal. You can eat the instant kind or the slow cook kind, but get the plain variety to avoid excess sugar. Some cinnamon and applesauce will help to give it a sweeter taste.

A favorite oatmeal of Reynolds’ is called ‘McCann’s Steel Cut’. It’s supposed to have a greater number of nutrients, but it takes longer to cook than the instant kind. If you have the time, you may want to go the steel cut route, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.

Reynolds regularly consumed whole eggs and a half a cup of egg whites for extra protein and for adding mass.

Lunch: Chicken, veggies, brown rice. A typical lunch that a bodybuilder would eat.

Snack: Protein bar/meal replacement bars. The exact brand Reynolds uses is something I learned watching an interview and it’s one of the little secrets of the Ryan Reynolds workout diet.

The bars, made by a company known as VPX, are called Zero Impact. Reynolds has said that his trainer has him eat them all the time, and was quoted as comparing the taste to a ‘pumpkin flavored cinder block’. I’ve been eating them myself, and they actually taste they’re pretty good. They come in Pumpkin, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter and Jelly varieties.

Snack 2: Another protein bar, a protein shake, or some almonds and a piece of fruit.

Dinner: Chicken or broiled/baked salmon or some other type of fish and some brown rice and more vegetables.

Nighttime snack: A protein shake or other slow digesting protein like cottage cheese.

A couple of additional keys to the Ryan Reynolds diet and workout:

Try to eat something every two to three hours.

It’s alright to eat carbs (you need them to live!), since the carbs you’re getting are not refined, but try not to eat any after 8 PM.

Some Final Thoughts on the Ryan Reynolds Workout Diet

One thing to keep in mind is that even a fit guy like Ryan Reynolds doesn’t look exactly as he did in Blade 3 on a daily basis. He trained hard for months for that role and followed the Ryan Reynolds workout diet, which is very strict.

If you follow the Ryan Reynolds workout and diet and stick to it, you should see good results. But, don’t feel like you can never eat anything you like ever again. Be certain to reward yourself every once in a while with a cheat meal or cheat day on which you eat whatever you want. I’ve had good results having a day each week – usually Saturday or Sunday – as my cheat day and reward for sticking to a routine that resembles the Ryan Reynolds diet and workout on a daily basis.

It serves as a reward for your hard work throughout the week and also helps to keep your body from adapting to your healthy eating.

Learn about the Ryan Reynolds workout here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about the Ryan Reynolds workout diet.

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